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Paranair is a (soon to be) webcomic that follows the adventures of Melon and her captives friends as they journey across the sea. It’s written and illustrated by OceanFruit (Shawna Saycocie).

Here’s those higher quality pics that I mentioned before! I haven’t been able to paint Oppa yet though. Maybe once I’m off for the summer I’ll finish him up…


Not the actual comic yet, but something I did for class.

I’ve been waiting for the better quality photos that my professor took, but we still haven’t gotten them yet and I wanted to share my maquette.

It’s Oppa! Spent about four (???) weeks working on it. I’m really happy with it since this is the first one I’ve ever made. I’m planning to bake and paint him eventually. I’ll be modeling him in zbrush as well!

yeahwhatdidisay :  I have a problem with backgrounds, more accurately showing depth through color. You got any hints or tricks that might help out another fellow artist who just can't get it right? Thanks :D


Hi! Sorry I’m getting to this so late. I haven’t made many backgrounds besides that bamboo forest for class from a year ago, but I can definitely help!

The trick to showing depth with color is that the farther away an object is from you, the closer its color to the background it will be. Take a look at this image I took from Google:

Anything in the foreground is much greener than the mountains behind it; they’re practically blue! Objects in the background will be less saturated than those in front.

With that in mind, you can apply that knowledge to other colors.

I hope this is helpful to you!

whoops brings this to the art blog haha

Some stuff I’ve been doing for visual storytelling— It’s good for exploring the webcomic I’m working on. Random storyboards and cover sketches!

I know I uploaded the Dan heads on my main blog, but here’s the thumbnails for that dialogue scene (also bonus ninja brian)


avoids homework by drawing other peoples’ characters aka the daily inspiration project where i draw things for people who inspire me everyday

please check them out!

part 1 of who knows (if you have an oc ref on your blog and we’re friends you are gonna get one of these)

My dialogue assignment which I’m not super happy with, because my professor pointed out problems with it that I asked him about three weeks ago that he never addressed until this past Tuesday before it was due…

But hey my first Game Grumps animated! I think it could’ve been so much better but oh well; I learned a few things from this assignment and that’s the most important part.